Flipping a house is a solid strategy for a side income. If you remodel a home for a year or two, you can make over $100,000 on some properties. Although you’ll need construction knowledge, power tools, and a lot of energy, some people earn a full-time income by remodeling structures.

The best books on flipping houses can show you how to get financing, what it takes to remodel a property, and how to get the best bang for your buck.

You’ll want to add these titles to your library next to your books for aspiring business owners!

The Book on Flipping Houses by J. Scott

This book is a straightforward narrative that shows you how to fix houses and flip them. You’ll learn what it takes to walk away with a profit each time without any BS or added fees.

The Flipping Blueprint by Luke Weber

You’ll find a complete plan in this book to help you start flipping houses right away. You’ll learn how to present yourself to professionals, find deals, and maximize profits. It isn’t easy to work with traditional mortgage providers in this business, so the author shows you how to work with private lenders.

Real Estate Investing Gone Bad by Phil Pustejovsky

Instead of showing you want to do in this book, the author provides relevant examples of the mistakes that others made when trying to flip houses. When deals go wrong, you can lose thousands of dollars and months of productivity. You’ll discover how to avoid emotional stress in these situations to find better investments.

Fixing and Flipping Real Estate by Marty Boardman

The author says that flipping a house is a sexy business. If you can find a rundown shack that can turn into a dream home, you’re making a profit while helping a family find a place to settle down. Reality television makes the process look much easier than it is in reality. This book takes you through the steps to follow to create a positive outcome. 

Real Estate Flipping by Sabi Shepherd

This book provides you with proven tips and tricks to help you flip a house quickly. It takes you step-by-step through the process to get financing, find investment deals, and ways to convert your investment immediately. You’ll discover hiring advice, how to speed up the process, and what it takes to manage your time wisely.

What book will you pick up first to read?