If you want a career for a business management degree, then there is a diverse range of potential jobs that you could pursue. Here are some of the best-paying options that may be available in your community.

1. Account Manager

An account manager is a company’s personal representative to a customer. This job is responsible for managing client relationships, coordinating with sales teams, and preparing presentations that communicate the value of products or services.

2. Financial Analyst

This job is responsible for conducting qualitative analyses with regard to the investments or finances of an organization. You would compose spreadsheets, graphs, and charts that forecast the financial health of the company for a variety of time periods. This position is also responsible for determining the price of products or services when they reach the market.

3. Marketing Manager

You are responsible for estimating the demand for the products or services sold by your employer in this position. You’d analyze what your competitors are doing in the marketplace to determine what niche would be profitable for your agency. Then you’d oversee a team that develops a strategy to maximize profits based on that information.

4. Sales Manager

This position is responsible for creating the strategy behind each sales goal and initiative. It’s a job that works to resolve consumer complaints, monitor customer needs, and prepare budgets that work toward revenue growth. It is your role to determine what the focus of each outreach effort should be based on the analytics your team creates. 

Many sales managers are also responsible for the direct distribution of products or services by assigning territories and establishing training programs. You may need to be involved in the recruitment and hiring of new staff. 

5. Business Analyst

If you pursue this job, then your employer will expect you to spend your day working to gather information related to the issues or policies in the organization. Then you’re responsible for analyzing the collected data to determine if alterations or another possible solution is available to pursue. Any new procedures or policies that get created would come from employee interviews, personal observation, and internal reviews of agency documents.

You can choose to pursue a 2-year or a 4-year degree in business management in the United States. When you successfully complete your education, then jobs like these will be waiting for you in the employment sector.