Financial business intelligence involves various methods of data collection, processing, and analyzing. It takes information from databases in real-time situations to help executives make better business decisions.

Most companies apply financial business intelligence opportunities through SaaS (software as a service) products that run in the background automatically. New technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, and process higher data loads faster than ever before.

Today’s business leaders understand that time is also money. Data analytics bring everything together for an organization so that financial datasets can create unique insights that encourage growth.

Best Tools to Use for Financial Business Intelligence


This tool allows companies to view, analyze, and collate financial data in meaningful ways. It uses a single dashboard with drag-and-drop functionality to offer granular views to users. The software crunches the information for beginners so that everyone can look for scalability or flexibility.


A web-based interface works with an organization’s analytics team to glean insights from collected data. It uses an intuitive approach that lets leaders build and share reports instantly, using a single code to design visualizations and analytic modules. It accommodates over 25 different variations.

Wyn Enterprise

Teams can use this browser-based report designer to make more sense out of the data they already have. It provides several functionalities right out of the box, including online document designing. You can integrate this tool into some existing software products to take advantage of several different formats. It also provides an interface that’s easy enough to understand for non-technical users.

Zoho Analytics

This software provides an entire productivity suite with several configurable tools that can maximize production. It offers REST API capabilities to integrate data from several third-party systems so that automatic information collection can happen. The interface is also scalable so that virtually any company can process information at any level of datasets. It even has collaborative spaces for teams to stay productive with their analytics reports.

Qualtrics Research Core

If an organization needs a cloud-based tool, then this research software offers a powerful solution for most SMBs. It empowers brands and marketers to look across all of their verticals, supporting virtually every industry. You can use real-time analysis features, project management opportunities, and smooth tracking.

Financial business intelligence starts when companies work smarter instead of harder. These tools can make that outcome become a reality.  Other steps are important, too. Make sure to follow these investment newsletters to help you to gain a broader understanding of how to grow and invest money.