The ’60s (and decades before) are regularly referred to as the Golden Age or Golden Era of acoustic guitars and instruments in general. This is because the instruments produced back then were of very good quality. They were superior to their newer counterparts despite how old they were. This is why vintage guitars are so high in demand. Of course, history and aesthetics contribute to the value. However, the quality of vintage guitars is one of the reasons they are so loved. Brands such as Fenders and Gibsons produced terrific instruments in the first half of the ’60s, while Martins continued to produce Golden Era worthy guitars till the end of the decade. The Golden Era encompasses instruments made from 1900 to the 1960s. The ’60s were the decade for electric guitars, mainly owing to the influence of The Beatles.

Many musicians and guitar sellers have agreed that there has been no Golden Eras for guitars since the 1960s. In memory of the Golden Era, we’ll be reminiscing about the best Golden Age Acoustic Vintage Guitars. Without wasting any more time, here they are:

1965 Hofner Senator Brunette Sunburst Acoustic Guitar

This rare vintage guitars find is a product of Hofner, a great guitar producer. It is out of stock in most places; however, it costs around $1,120. When it was first produced, the Hofner Senator was regarded as the working-man’s archtop guitar. It was produced from around 1953 till 1973. The Hofner Senator was known for its classic logo, which was the treble symbol (later changed to a Venetian body cutaway in 1965), and the truss rod, which appeared in senator’s released in the 1960s after. 

1960s Framus Studio 551 Red Archtop Acoustic Guitar

This is one of the vintage guitars that Framus Studio created. This guitar is bright red with an archtop. An archtop guitar is a guitar with six strings and a top + back that is arched as opposed to a flat one. The 1960s 1970s Framus Studio 551 Red Archtop Acoustic Guitar is amazing. Archtop Guitars from the Golden Age tend to be pricey and low in stock because the archtop was carved by hand, which makes them limited edition. This guitar costs around $556. 

1961 Hofner Congress Brunette Sunburst Acoustic Guitar

This vintage guitar is also a part of the Hofner catalog; however, it is Hofner Congress, not a Hofner Senator. Hofner Congress vintage guitars cost around $670. The Congress was one of the smaller guitars produced by Hofner, which makes it easier to play. It was presented as a budget guitar, and there are only Acoustic Congress Guitars. All Congress Guitars have a brunette finish except the earlier versions, which had a simple brown staining. The Hofner Congress Brunette Sunburst Acoustic Guitar was in the Hofner catalog from 1953 to 1972. Although it is similar (at least in appearance) to the Hofner Square Dance, it is actually the Square Dance’s successor. 

1966 Vox Mark VI Acoustic Teardrop Guitar

Famously known as one of the guitars Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones played, the 1966 Mark VI Acoustic Teardrop Guitar is undoubtedly one for the books. This iconic guitar is the ultimate rockstar’s guitar. This is evident in the choice of color (red) and the teardrop shape of the guitar. This is one of the reasons why it’s among the rarer vintage guitars. This guitar currently sells for almost $4,000.

1966 Baldwin Burns Vibraslim Sunburst Semi-Acoustic Guitar

Currently selling for around $850, this semi-acoustic guitar. The 1966 Baldwin Burns Vibraslim is a sleek guitar well known for its excellent sound quality and playability.