The financial consumer services industry is one of America’s most competitive spaces for work. That means you can earn a lucrative income when you can find employment, but you’ll be competing against some incredibly talented candidates.

Here are the places you’ll want to look if you’re going to expand your income-generating opportunities this year.

1. Investment Banker

You’ll help governments, businesses, and individuals develop their current resources by assisting them to take advantage of compounding interest.  Whether through mergers and acquisitions or direct stock purchases, the highest wages tend to go to the people who make the most significant impact for their clients.

2. Insurance Agent

When you work in this position, your salary is often based on the policies you can sell. Since most customers renew their protections each year, you can set up passive income resources within a few years with the available commissions. If you’re great at sales, you’ll want to consider this finance consumer services position.

3. Hedge Fund Manager

Did you know that some hedge fund managers make more than CEOs in this industry? Your job is to provide money management services and investment advice in return for profit percentages and service fees. It’s not unusual to see people with this position clearing $500,000 each year.

4. Private Equity Management

If you work in the finance consumer services industry’s venture capital area, you’ll develop small businesses by providing investment capital. This money is in exchange for equity in the corporation that gets built. With a proper exit strategy, it’s possible to earn 15% annually on some opportunities.

When you want to find a high-paying job, the goal must be to focus on the value you provide. If you’re the best at what you do, you’ll discover that there isn’t any upper limit to the income you can achieve.