If you have some extra money in your pocket after everything that happened in 2020, consider yourself lucky. Almost 10 million people in the United States face an increased risk of eviction and foreclosure because their jobs and opportunities evaporated due to the coronavirus pandemic.

When you have money available to invest, you can achieve two specific results. You’re helping to build more wealth while assisting others to continue paying for their food and utilities.

Investing in stocks can be a helpful way to diversify your portfolio. Here are some of the best companies to consider in 2021.

List of the Best Stocks to Review

Please note that this content is not a recommendation for specific investments. It is only generalized content that highlights potential stocks for you to review. We cannot be held liable for any losses you might experience by purchasing equity in these organizations.

1. Ford

This American automaker could potentially double its stock value in 2021. After hitting a 52-week low of under $4 per share and cutting its dividend in 2020, the company rebounded nicely after announcing an e-vehicle expansion, new models, and the return of the Bronco. Anyone who bought it at that time already doubled their money by December.

2. Crocs

People wrote off this footwear company over a decade ago, but it is still a popular choice because the products support people who are on their feet all day. They have proven that their product is more than a fad.

3. TreeHouse Foods

After the COVID-19 pandemic shifting food supply chains, grocers and food producers saw a surge of activity. Although profit margins are thin in this industry, this company’s organic options and private label supplies are seeing lots of action. With restrictions expected to continue until at least the back half of 2021, it’s worth a closer look.

4. Aecom

Although this company doesn’t do any work that seems relatively exciting, this engineering firm rebounded quickly after the stock fallout in 2020. They provide program management and consulting services that have stayed more resilient than most investors thought was possible.

5. Plug Power

With gains topping almost 700% since 2018, this alternative energy company has a lot of potential expansion and capitalization left in its tank. Although the organization isn’t profitable yet, they have a business plan in place to become the top-ranked agency in their industry within the next five years.

Anything that supplies a reliable dividend is also worth considering when investing in stocks in 2021.