COVID-19 caused all of 2020’s predictions to get turned upside-down. What the world thought were safe growth sectors are now struggling to survive.

That doesn’t mean investment opportunities dried up entirely. You’ll find several excellent prospects out there that can help your wealth grow in 2021 and beyond.

1. Grocery Foods

Food producers hesitated when COVID-19 struck, thinking that households might work with restaurants to keep them in business. That delay caused them to miss out on a surge in grocery spending. Many families have continued this habit, eating out less to enjoy meals at home. Innovations have emerged in the grocery industry as a result of the pandemic.

2. Supplements

With some research suggesting vitamin D can help provide some resilience against COVID-19, strong interest remains in the supplements industry. Think about the benefits that brands like Source Naturals, Xymogen, and Weleda can offer. When you expand that concept to each producer, some incredible opportunities arise.

3. Marketing

Small businesses need to reconnect with their customers. Larger companies are following the same path. That means some of the most significant profits are available in the marketing industry. Even freelancers and solopreneurs see surges in their client numbers because of the coronavirus’s impacts. The surge in e-commerce is particularly signficant.

4. Professional Sports

Although this industry isn’t playing in front of many fans, television contracts are keeping people connected to their favorite teams. You can still find new merchandise, collectibles, and game-worn items sold at pre-COVID prices because of how much interest exists. There is potential for success even in the midst of the pandemic.

5. Affiliate Marketing

When people get laid off, they need to find an income source that pays some bills. Getting into sales as an affiliate marketer makes sense because the startup costs are remarkably low. Investing in someone who knows what they’re doing could bring a nice return. Learn about the positive as well as the negative side of the pandemic’s impact on affiliate marketing.

6. Online Retail

Amazon, Target, and Walmart are the three retailers expected to thrive during and after the pandemic. What sets the brands apart are their online resources, infrastructure, and size. Investing in these public companies could secure your portfolio until the economy stabilizes.

You can always choose mutual funds, bonds, or certificates of deposit to minimize your risk. Precious metals are another safe investment vehicle to choose.