The occasional business trip can be lots of fun. Having them all of the time could kill you.

Although watching people traveling all of the time can inspire jealousy, being part of a global network of constant movement may not be the perfect lifestyle. Anyone who travels extensively needs to place a greater point of emphasis on self-care.

Being always on the move can create significant problems.

Traveling Causes People to Age Faster

When people frequently travel for business, then the activity causes them to start aging faster. Long-distance flights lead to significant problems with jet lag. The outcome creates memory impairment, disruption of the immune system, and changes to gene expressions. It is a combination of factors that increases the risk of a stroke or a heart attack. Even the stress of preparing for a trip can create problems in this area.

Travelers Get More Radiation Exposure

If you travel by plane for your business needs frequently, then you receive less protection from the atmosphere against radiation. Frequent travelers receive up to 100 times more exposure compared to those who travel by train, boat, or car. Pilots of commercial aircraft receive more than those who work at nuclear power plants.

Travelers Have Weaker Immune Systems

Everyone on a flight breathes the same air. If you’re on a plane for eight hours or more, then that means everyone gets exposed to the same germs. Adding in the jet lag and poor dietary choices can lead to a reduction of effectiveness for the immune system.

Traveling Has a Higher Risk of Obesity

People who travel frequently are usually more out of shape than those who work a regular 9-5. The issue involves meal habits, exercise opportunities, and stress. Most airline meals have high levels of sugar and salt to maintain flavor. Adding some alcohol into the mix creates a recipe for fast weight gain. It can also contribute to mental health issues, especially since jet lag problems can last for up to six days, creating long-term problems with disorientation. 

Taking care of yourself must be your priority of you travel frequently. Including items from brands like Klaire Labs, New Chapter, and Pure Encapsulations can ensure that your body has a firm foundation from which to work. You might not be able to change your schedule, but it is within your power to create healthy living habits.