COVID-19 caused governments all over the world to shutter non-essential businesses. Although the definition of what could or could not stay open varied by jurisdiction, people in the hospitality, travel, and restaurant industries were hit the hardest.

Unemployment rates in some areas reached record highs. The United States reported over 40 million first-time filings for benefits.

When a loss of money is the trigger for your stressful situation, another option to consider is a diversified portfolio.

How to Invest to Protect Your Wealth

No one can avoid all market risks.

The primary rule of investing is to preserve and protect your principal. That means you don’t want to lose the initial amount that you put into the market.

You can achieve that outcome more often than not by following these steps.

1. Diversify Your Holdings

A stock portfolio holding up to 30 items can eliminate almost all of the unsystematic risk happening in the market. When some companies lose equities, others rise so that you receive the balance needed for your finances.

2. Add Non-Correlating Assets to Your Portfolio

It helps to keep some commodities, currencies, real estate, and other non-correlating asset classes in your portfolio. These items react differently to changes in market conditions, often moving in the opposite direction. 

3. Use Put Options

A put option is a bet that an underlying stock will decrease in price. It gives you a choice to sell what you have at a particular price at a specific point in the future.

4. Take Advantage of Stop Losses

A stop loss order protects against a falling share price. Several options are available, including a hard stop that sells stock at a fixed price when it reaches a trigger. If you have equity purchased at $11 per share and a hard stop at $9.50, a sale happens once it reaches that threshold.

5. Find Dividend-Paying Stocks

Companies that pay regular dividends can reinforce the strength of your portfolio. Most investors see a significant portion of their return coming from this mechanism. Stable companies can even help you to develop a line of investment income.

6. Learn From the Pros

Books about investing from the very people who use markets to grow wealth are a great resource to learn about how to build a solid investment portfolio, saving money, and building a business that is sustainable even in the most trying of times. 
The loss of money can have a catastrophic impact on your financial future. It can take up to ten years for some families to recover from a devastating blow to their employment, income, and housing. Investing to diversify can provide a measure of protection. This can have a lasting impact on personal health and wellbeing. This includes the long term effects of stress anxiety, which may be mitigated some with products from Bioray, Integrative Therapeutics, and Terry Naturally. These brands offers products made with herbs that may be able to help you to recover more effectively.