Times are challenging for many families right now. The self-imposed recession due to COVID caused the U.S. GDP to drop an unprecedented 30%, with millions of people out of work. Trying to find a job or income during these circumstances may seem like an impossible task.

Knowing how to meditate for money will not cause it to appear in your life magically. There are no shortcuts in this world. What you can do is look inward, see what is marketable, and carve opportunities to earn an income from your passions.

Having the proper mental focus to meditate is the first step to take in this process. Using products from Pharmax, Neuroscience, and Thorne Research ensures that your journey starts correctly. 

Once you’re ready to start meditating, here is what you can do.

Steps to Follow to Meditate for Money

Find a Comfortable Location

You can meditate anywhere that is physically, emotionally, and spiritually comfortable. It could be in bed, on your couch, or in a formal meditation space.

Clear Your Mind

It helps to clear out the mind of stray thoughts that can lead you along non-money tangents. Your sole focus should be on the positive energy that surrounds your investments.

Eliminate the Programming

Did you grow up in a family culture that considered money to be the root of all evil? It is actually the love of money that causes problems, especially when your pursuit of it causes you to disregard all other areas of your life. Try to reframe your thinking to see how having extra cash is a good thing – especially if it helps you pay your mortgage.

Recite a Meditation on Prosperity

Print out the following meditation on money so that you can say it out loud. It is longer than a mantra, but the vocalization turns the concepts into practical solutions with the power of your mind.

When we give, we receive. As we offer in abundance, we earn abundantly. Through this divine law, I give and share with generosity. The blessings of financial security in my life are not about material prosperity. Money flows to me freely, continuously, and in abundance. What I invest comes back to me multiplied. I am blessed.

Meditating for money is not as silly as it may sound. You attract things in life based on your attitudes and perceptions. Try to incorporate these principles with your next meditation session to see what may happen!