Carpets should be cleaned professionally at least once per year. Many offices and rental properties request these services two or three times annually to maintain appropriate cleanliness levels.

When people move out of a rental home, one of the typical lease requirements is to have the carpets or floors cleaned. That means you’ll have several lead generation opportunities to enjoy.

Most professional carpet cleaners who operate their own businesses can earn at least $75 per hour. Some can work at a rate that exceeds $150 per hour.

What Do I Need to Start a Carpet Cleaning Business?

You’ll need the appropriate equipment and licenses to get started with this business opportunity. That means you’ll need steam cleaners, vacuums, chemical compounds, and a vehicle that supports your preferred extraction methods.

The costs for these items are variable, but it’s usually better to have at least $100,000 available in startup capital to get everything needed.

Most small businesses need a state license to operate. There could be specific certification requirements to follow if you’re working with chemicals. Each city can have different rules, which means you might need to carry multiple licenses while working.

Since you’re operating as a business, there are tax implications to consider. It’s usually better to work as a limited liability corporation to get pass-through income while enjoying asset protection benefits. Some start cleaning carpets for extra income while others launch with the intention to build a full-time business.

If you need help setting up an LLC that covers your business activities, an experienced attorney can help put together the paperwork required to get the company going.