After 2020 turned the investing year on its head, 2021 promises a potential glimpse at normalcy.

You’ll still see some companies performing up to or beyond their expectations, such as Amazon and Apple.

Some businesses will continue looking for ways to build equity, with names like Ford, Six Flags, and General Motors making that list.

It will also be a year where the companies that make cleaning chemicals, discount retail sales, and personal protective equipment should continue seeing above-average profits.

Here are some of the best investment opportunities outside of those common trades that you’ll want to consider watching.

Investing Ideas to Review for 2021

The stock market surged in November 2020 when BioNTech and Pfizer announced that their COVID-19 vaccines were each 90% or more effective from drug trial data within a week of each other.

When you start thinking about the best investing ideas for 2021, the deals could be found in the hospitality sector.

It will depend on how quickly the vaccines get distributed throughout the United States and globally to determine how fast a Bounceback could be for the hospitality industry. If you see rapid acceptance and high production levels, there could be some exciting stocks to review.

It would be best if you didn’t sleep on companies that provide work-from-home furniture and supplies. Although we expect more workers to return to offices in 2021, some companies expect to make telecommuting a permanent addition to their workforce.

What Happens if COVID-19 Lingers in 2021?

If you see COVID-19 rates continuing to climb in 2021, it may be wise to evaluate the fast-food industry as a potential investment. Delivery restaurants with established names and reputations outperformed themselves in 2020.

You’d want to think about Domino’s Pizza and McDonald’s as potential contenders for your portfolio.

You’d also want to look at Walmart, Target, and The Home Depot during a continuing pandemic. Shopping trends continue to push for affordable pricing and ways to add value. If people get stuck at their house in 2021, more projects could get completed.

We all hope that COVID-19 no longer remains a threat in 2021. When we start thinking about investing, we must look at both sides of the equation.