Since the start of the COVID era, we’ve learned that maintaining clean homes and working areas can limit the spread of this virus. When combined with wearing a mask and other preventative techniques, including vaccination, we can start the work of getting out of this pandemic.

With work-from-home options becoming less prevalent, these tips for sanitizing your workspace can help you stay safe while spending a day at the office.

1. Come Prepared

You’ll need plenty of supplies to maintain a clean office environment. Check the products to ensure they’re rated for daily use. 

2. Be Consistent

A clean desk can only stay that way for so long. Wipe down each surface in one direction to avoid depositing new germs on what you’ve sanitized. It also helps to set a reminder to clean to ensure you don’t forget.

3. Identify High Touch Surfaces

Offices consider light switches, handles, desks, keyboards, doorknobs, tables, counters, phones, faucets, and toilets to be high-touch surfaces. When you think about the things you come into contact with while working, the identified items should receive disinfecting support.

That includes items like pens and pencils. It’s always better to be too clean than to miss a few spots. 

4. Wear a Mask

Each workplace has guidelines about when or if masks are necessary. If you must wear one, you’ll want to have at least a second one available to ensure you can meet the required guidelines.

5. Have Backup Supplies

It helps to have disinfecting wipes or similar products in your vehicle, purse, or work cabinet in case something runs out unexpectedly. Have you considered possibly giving products like these as gifts to coworkers?

As a final step, it helps to take care of yourself. Core Med Science offers Liposomal Vitamin C and Liposomal Glutathione to support a stronger immune system.