closeup photography of vinyl record

When vinyl records were introduced to the market in 1949 they quickly became popular amongst music enthusiasts around the world. This has not changed over time with vinyl sales still smashing into their all-time record each year since 2013 even though vinyl is no longer used as the main method of delivering music for most people. The vinyl cleaning process can be quite complicated because you may have to clean vinyl records at least twice for a good quality sound. If you are going vinyl hunting, it is best to start by pressing your vinyl record on a flat surface and removing the vinyl dust from the vinyl grooves with a microfiber cloth.

Step 1 – Vinyl Brush Start

The first step of cleaning vinyl records is to brush off any large chunks of vinyl with a vinyl brush. You can buy vinyl record brushes from practically any vinyl store or online retailers like Amazon. Gently brushing off vinyl records is also important to give them some shine by removing some surface dirt which will improve the quality of the vinyl’s sound quality.

Step 2 – Vinyl Brush Swirl

Next, move your vinyl brush in swirling motions on each side of the vinyl record. Do not use too much vinyl brush pressure as this can damage vinyl records. Try vinyl brushing your vinyl clean for around 30 seconds before moving on to step 3.

Step 3 – Cleaning Solution

The third and final stage of cleaning vinyl is to remove any last bits of dust or dirt that were not removed by the previous steps. This will ensure vinyl records are completely clean so you can hear vinyl records at their best possible quality. There is a range of vinyl record cleaners that can be used for this task, all of which work well but it depends on your budget and the type of vinyl record cleaning solution you prefer.

My favorite vinyl cleaning solution is by Mofi. It is made from a mixture of vinyl cleaning ingredients that work great at removing dust and contaminants from vinyl records without causing damage or degradation. Plus! You will likely receive a vinyl record cleaner brush with your Mofi vinyl record cleaner purchase, which makes this vinyl product even more attractive.

Vinyl and vinyl subscription services are becoming more popular by the day, vinyl record subscription services can give you vinyl records in the mail each month for a small fee. Vinyl subscriptions are great because they will take away vinyl record buying stress and save you money when compared to vinyl records bought individually from vinyl shops or online music retailers.