moving boxes

Moving to a new home is hard. Packing all your things, navigating the home buying process, the home selling process, picking out schools for your kids if you have them, it’s all very stressful. Not so surprisingly, injuries are very common during the moving process, especially muscular injuries.

Common Injuries from Moving

Since moving is a long process, it often takes place over the course of several days. This means that you have to spend hours on end lifting heavy boxes and furniture up stairs or into small elevators. If you do not use your legs properly during this time by bending at the knees rather than just using your back, then you can easily strain or pull a muscle.

If you have to lift heavy items, make sure that you do not try and handle them alone. You will put too much strain on your back if you try to pack a box too heavy or lift boxes with improper form. It is always better to ask for help than it is to risk an injury.

Dietary Health

During this time, when you are stressed and exhausted from moving, it can be difficult to stay on top of eating healthy. I remember when I last moved, the few weeks leading up to the move date were filled with fast food and unhealthy dietary habits. To be honest, the first few weeks after we moved looked the same. But if you do not eat right during this time, then you will probably feel much worse than usual… where consistently being in a bad mood is probably the best case scenario.

Where to start?

So, what can you do? Hire movers. Some moving companies have services to help you pack up all your things too, not just safely move them to your new home. If you have a family and a busy work schedule, asking for help to pack up your things might just be worth the extra cost.


I always recommend using a local moving company. For some bigger and growing cities, here are some recommendations.

MoveOn – Nashville

You Move Me – Charlotte

Einstein Moving – Austin

Piece of Cake Moving & Storage – New York City

Pure Moving – Los Angeles

Take care of yourself first during the moving process. Ask for help early and often throughout the process. Spending a little more for help is better than a lingering injury, trust me! Good luck!