Networking success stories shouldn’t be a process that you dread. Forming relationships isn’t always at the top of your to-do list because it can be an awkward and time-consuming process. Some personalities struggle to put themselves into these situations because it feels uncomfortable.

If your calendar is already crowded with family commitments and work appointments, then putting off a meeting with a few strangers is a decision that seems to make sense.

There’s also no way to deny the power that a strong professional network provides. When it is done well, then you can land jobs faster. These relationships can give you a competitive edge at every stage of your career, especially in your early twenties.

Creating Networking Success Stories

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to follow if you want to create new networking success stories. Each person uses different tactics to build relationships because the focus is on personal comfort first.

If you don’t like networking with people, then consider meeting someone for coffee to have a one-on-one conversation. When you thrive in an environment where you can be the center of attention, then a Chamber of Commerce meet-and-greet could be an incredible opportunity.

Then create a game plan that you can execute. It’s essential to head into each networking opportunity with at least one clear goal to achieve. It doesn’t need to be a complex outcome that you hope to achieve. Bringing back one new insight or connecting with two new people in your industry can be the beginning of a networking success story.

It would be best if you make a plan to follow up after meeting people. It’s the one crucial step that most professionals neglect. The time that you invest in connecting with someone new goes away if you fail to maintain that new relationship.

You don’t need to send someone a lengthy love letter that encompasses every emotion you’ve ever experienced. A simple, thoughtful message that speaks of the appreciation that you have for the connection will work.

Create a Fairy Tale Ending

As a final step, it helps to pay it forward. Start looking for ways to provide more value to the people in your current network before asking them for help. When you invest in these relationships, then it will be more comfortable for you to offer assistance – and get some in return.

How are you going to start creating more networking success stories?