You might have the goal to have an extremely early retirement. Although you’re looking forward to the day when you can step away from your job, those efforts might be robbing you of your joy of living right now.

Is it better to consider a revised path? What about a second career option after you retire from your first job?

Instead of saving 70% of your income to quit before the age of 40, it might be better to spend a little more. Stashing your cash into retirement accounts doesn’t help much because they can’t be touched without penalties until a specific age. 

What If I Struggle to Save Anything for Retirement?

The idea of saving too much for retirement is a laughable concept for some families. They’re barely making ends meet, much less considering the recommended 20% that goes into savings. It’s tough enough to plan for a 20-year retirement. Can you imagine 50 years away from the job?

If you’re not happy right now, early retirement might not change anything. You’d still need to be frugal with your finances. That’s why pulling back on some savings goals and retiring at a reasonable age is better. You’ll be less stressed about money and have time to enjoy your earnings more. 

Even if you retire at 35 with $4 million, the reality is that you have nothing to do or hold onto in life. Many people find themselves going back into the workforce. 

If you’re not living comfortably to have a livable future, it might be time to re-evaluate your savings choices. Even spending a little extra could alleviate a lot of the stress. Splurging a little on personal health is also a smart investment.